Electrical Repair and Maintenance

Our electricians provide shipboard electrical services, including electric motor & controller removal/repair/installation, electric ship alterations & installations, TLI inspections, electric valve operator repairs, shipboard electric and electronics installations/troubleshooting/repairs performed IAW NAVSEA standard items.
We have much experience of the following work on U.S.NAVY Ships.

  • The overhaul of the motor accordance with standard item 009-17
  • The overhaul the ship’s generator
  • Repair of the Control Panel such as an elevator, an anchor windlass and the B & A cranes
  • Inspection, repair and calibration of TLI system
  • The repair and adjustment of valve actuator
  • The installation and repair the ship’s telephone
  • General electrical works, e.g., Power Panels, lightings, receptacles

Radar and Antenna Systems

Our electronic technician provide installation and repair of Communications and Navigational equipments on the U.S. Navy ships.
We have much experience of the following work on U.S.NAVY Ships.

  • AN/WSC-6(V) Antenna and Radome replace
  • AN/SPS-73(V)12 Radar System installation
  • SPN-43 Radar Antenna Group replace
  • AN/SPS-48E RADAR Set exchange
  • AS-3263/SPS-49 Antenna exchange
  • AS-3772B/U Whip Antenna Refurbish
  • Repair and Replace Fiber Optic connector accordance with MIL-STD-2042